톡톡해 자주해 달콤한 얘기 난 그럼 난 하루에 한 두 번 세상에 없던 이기적인 나야 it's you, yeah 사랑해 너만 보고 싶어 이런 말 듣고 싶잖아? 아주 조금만 기다려 좀 더 더욱 애가 타게 Woo ah 말이 없어도 Woo ah 묻진 말아줘


2which fancam should you use in your next clapback

the possibilities are endless.......

3who is ur kpop idol soulmate

there are two different outcomes to this diagnosis.

5what kind of kpop rapper are you

Uh, you think ya big boi, throwing three stacksI'ma show you how to ball, you a mismatchOpinionated but I'm always spitting straight factsThrowback, I might throw this on an eight track

6what kind of minecraft wood are u

find out which minecraft wood you are
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